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    Physical Therapy for active lifestyles 

    During physical activity it is possible to sustain a variety of muscle and joint problems. Physical therapy is important for a successful recovery and swift return to normal activity.

    Our  consultants will undertake a clinical evaluation that involves:

    • Case History

    • Observation

    • Palpation of soft tissues

    • Active and passive range of motion testing

    • Orthopaedic tests appropriate to your condition

    • Referral for Ultrasound , MRI, CT, and x-ray if needed





    Our consultants will give a clinical opinion and explain your condition using visual aids, computer animations or anatomical models,

    We will propose a therapy pathway explaining how we intend to manage your problem and provide a guideline for expected rate of improvement. In addition we set a time scale for regular re-evaluation to ensure that you are achieving proposed targets..











    The aims of therapy are:


    • reduce pain

    • improve passive joint mobility 

    • Provide individualised ( No generalised handouts!) prescriptive exercise to:

    1. Improve joint position sense- proprioception

    2. Improve active range of motion

    3. Develop strength in local  muscle groups

    4. Develop strength in global muscle groups

    5. Enter into lifestyle/sport specific training 

    6. Consider nutritional factors

    7. Develop warm up and cool down strategies



    We understand your passion for sport and desire to recovery as quickly as possible:


    My Spine MSD Consultants are experienced in the management of sports related joint and muscle problems and many of them are active in competitive sports:

    Some of the sporting achievements completed by members of our team:

    • Ironman Triathlon 2.4M Swim, 112M Cycle, 26.2m Run

    • 70.3 Triathlon

    • Olympic distance Triathlon

    • 50+ Sprint distance Triathlons

    • London Marathon

    • Sydney Marathon

    • Romney Marathon

    • Tough Mudder

    • Sparten Race 

    • Aspire ' Channel Swim' 

    Physical Therapy

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